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French fries De-oiling Machine

French Fries De-oiling Machine Overview
In the French fries production line, after frying process, there will be much oil on the surface of French fries, which not only wastes the oil, but also influences the taste and healthy. The de-oiling machine adopts centrifugal principle to effectively remove the extra oil on the surface of French fries. After de-oiling, the French fries have beautiful appearance, crisp and appetizing taste without greasy, easy to store and pack. The oil collected could be recycled to reduce waste and increase profit.

Features of French Fries De-oiling Machine

1. Made of stainless steel, durable, hygiene and easy to clean.
2. Fully-closed de-oiling environment, clean and healthy.
3. High efficiency, low noise, energy saving.
4. Automatic digital control, easy to operate. The operation time could be freely set between 90s-120s.
5. Automatic electromagnetic brake offers good brake performance. Brake on delay is usually set between 3s-5s.
6. Frequency conversion adjusting speed.
7. No shock during operation with shock absorber installed, extending working life and ensure a safety working environment.
8. The heavy base makes it more stable.

Technical Parameters of French Fries De-oiling Machine

  Type  Capacity     Power    Diameter of barrel    Dimensions Weight 
   WHS-500 8-10kg    0.75kw/380V   400mm      940*560*830mm   400kg
  WHS-600 15-20kg   1.1kw/380V   500mm     1050*660*930mm  500Kg
  WHS-700 25-30kg   1.5kw/380V 600mm   1180*750*930 mm 600kg 
  WHS-800  35-40kg    2.2kw/380V  700mm   1280*820*1000mm  700Kg 

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